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LAN Management Development Service (Pvt) Ltd
Pioneer Project Management Consulting Organization in Sri Lanka Established in 1991

94 112 815392
189/1B, Nawala Road, Nugegoda 10250, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94 112 815392 | Mobile: +94778109911 | Fax: 94 112 815390

The Founder


Eng. (Dr.) GroupCapt.P.Mervyn Gunasekera

BSc(Eng), MSc(Const. Mgt), PhD, CEng, FIE(SL), FICE(UK),

The career path followed by Eng.Gunasekera amply demonstrates a wide experience and an extremely progressive upward movement in the profession.

After Graduating with honours from the University of Ceylon in BSc (Eng) Civil Engineering in 1975, Eng. Gunasekera joined Walker & Greig Limited as an Assistant Construction Engineer and was involved the Padukka Satellite Station and the Marine Drive Sewer Project in Maldives and many others.

In 1978 Eng.Gunasekera joined the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation as a Design Engineer and was promoted as its Deputy Engineering Manager i

Eng.Gunasekera joined the Sri Lanka Air Force December 1978 as the Officer in charge of the Work Services Unit with the rank of Flight Lieutenant and was in charge of all maintenance work of the Katunayake Air Base, as a Volunteer Officer attached to the Directorate of Civil Engineering Air Fields Construction Regiment .He was accorded the rank of Group Captain, being the first professionally qualified Volunteer Officer to be so honoured in the Air Force. He also was the recipient of a special memento in1999 from the Commander of the Air Force for services rendered.

In 1980 Eng.Gunasekera accepted employment overseas in Saudi Arabia as a Civil Engineer where within 6 months he was promoted to Lead Engineer of the Support and Secondary Industry Parks Management of Jubail Industrial City ;one of the largest such projects not only in Saudi Arabia, but in the whole world.

On returning to Sri Lanka he served as the Deputy Director of ICTAD from 1986 to 1989.

In 1989, he joined UTE Projects (Pvt) Ltd as its General Manager until 1991. It is to be noted that he brought UTE Projects (Pvt) Ltd from M4 grade to M1 within this period.

In 1991 Eng.Gunasekera commenced his Entrepreneurial activities as the Managing Director of his own Project Management Company; most probably the first dedicated Professional Project Management Company in Sri Lanka.

He also served as the Chairperson of Union Chemicals Lanka Plc. (details of his entrepreneurial activities are listed under the heading Entrepreneurial Activities)

Contribution To Professional Development

Involvement in Professional Institutions

Eng. Gunasekera was actively involved in the various institutions associated with the Engineering Profession thereby contributing to the growth and development of the various aspects of the profession.

Particular mention should be made of his continuous involvement with the IESL during the past 35 years. During the period 2000/2001, when Eng.Gunasekera served as the President of IESL,the Institution underwent a remarkable transformation opening a new chapter in the future of the profession. For the first time a corporate plan for IESL was prepared identifying the future direction of the Institution. This together with the many CPD programmes developed, during this time, assured a bright new direction for the Profession. Another noteworthy contribution during his tenure to be specially noted is that during his presidency and under his initiative the IESL building was completely refurbished in a short period of five months, providing the present building which even an architect would be satisfied with. He served as a Council member since 1978. He also served IESL in the capacities of Vice President, Hon Librarian. Further he has served as the Chairman of – the Students’ section,D&P Affairs committee, Education & Training Committee, Membership Committee and the Building Development Committee and as a member of the By-Laws Committee, The Board of Trustees, Finance & Administration Committee, LPP Committee and in various sub-committees.

Eng.Gunasekera was the first Sri Lankan; and remains the only Sri Lankan to date; to be elected the President of The Federatiion of Engineering Institutions of South & Central Asia (FEISCA). During his tenure as the President of the FEISCA he initiated and completed a number of programmes in the region. Special note is to be made of the establishing a joint forum between IESL and The Indian Institution of Engineers where knowledge and experience was discussed and shared.

His involvement with the professional institutions are listed below.

The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL)
President - 2000/2001
Federation of Engineering Institutions of South & Central Asia (FEISCA)
President – 2000 to 2003 (First Sri Lankan to be so elected)
The Institute of Project Managers Sri Lanka
President – 1997 up to his demise – Founder President
Sri Lanka Branch, The Institute of Fire Engineers, (UK)
President – 1997/1998
The Association of Consulting Engineers, Sri Lanka
President – 2010/2011
Sri Lanka Association of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Vice Chairman – 2007 up to his demise
Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka
Council Member – 2004/2007
National Academy of Science
General Secretary – 2008
Chamber of Construction Industry
Council Member – 2007 up to his demise

Teaching Training and Research work

Eng.Gunasekera, has earned a reputation as a well respected professional engineer, effective in the construction industry, who devoted a considerable proportion of his time as a visiting lecturer in many Universities and Institutions imparting knowledge to and sharing his professional experience with postgraduate and undergraduate students. He was also a Key note speaker much in demand in various industry fora. He has more than 60 published/presented papers on technical and management topics to his credit including one book. He could be considered one of the pioneers in establishing Project Management as a professional discipline in the country.

Teaching & Training

University of Peradeniya Visiting Lecturer
University of Moratuwa Visiting Lecturer
University of Sri Jayadenepura Visiting Lecturer
University of Kelaniya Visiting Lecturer
The Institution of Civil Engineers (London) International Professional Reviewer
Sir John Kotelawala Defence Academy Visiting Lecturer
The Postgraduate Institute of Management Visiting Lecturer
The Institution for Construction Training and Development (ICTAD) Visiting Lecturer
The Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL) Visiting Lecturer

Research Work

Research Supervisor/Examiner

University of Moratuwa
Postgraduate Institute of Management
Reviewer : Research Publications/ Technical & Management Papers.