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LAN Management Development Service (Pvt) Ltd
Pioneer Project Management Consulting Organization in Sri Lanka Established in 1991

94 112 815392
189/1B, Nawala Road, Nugegoda 10250, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94 112 815392 | Mobile: +94778109911 | Fax: 94 112 815390

Track Record of Good Governance

Eng.Gunasekera’s progress during his career shows a remarkably consistent and relatively rapid upward movement through the various authority levels in engineering management, commencing from an assistant construction engineer to lead engineer to general manager and ultimately to Managing Director.

In addition he functioned as a non-executive Director of Seylan Bank Development PLC on invitation. His involvement with Union Chemicals Lanka PLC Ltd. as its Chairman saw a six fold increase in turnover (From Rs 161,000,000/- in 2001 to Rs.594,000,000/- in 2010) within 9 years and a twenty fold increase in its share market value [from Rs.41.75 in 2001 to Rs 800/-(+) in 2011] during the same period.

Eng.Gunasekera’s involvement in the governing committees of various professional bodies and his continued election as the President of all Engineering and Consulting Institutions and Associations since 1997 is ample testimony to the confidence reposed in his capacity for good and effective governance. It is worthy of mention that one of the most productive periods of the IESL was under his stewardship.

Further Eng.Gunasekera was a very much sought after speaker as a Keynote speaker and as a guest speaker in many of the country’s Management and Project Management Institutions, Management Fora and Academic Institutions on the subject of Management, governance and Management thought.

From the above observation it could be concluded that Eng.Gunasekera’s record in good governance is not only excellent but of an exemplary order.