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LAN Management Development Service (Pvt) Ltd
Pioneer Project Management Consulting Organization in Sri Lanka Established in 1991

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189/1B, Nawala Road, Nugegoda 10250, Sri Lanka
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Methodology and Scope

Consultancy Services on Project Management

In the overall sense effective Project Management commences at the time a Project is seriously considered. At this stage it is more appropriately termed Project Management Consultancy as it is more an advisory service based on detailed studies of the various factors such as the scope character envisaged, the geographical and physical location, the sociological issues and impact, environmental impact, and the financial implications including the return on investment. Once it is established that the project envisaged has potential of success, it is the task of the Project management Consultancy to review the original scope planned, with view to refine the parameters for maximum profit and effectiveness. Once this phase is completed the Project Management proper is to be started in order to ensure that the works are completed to programme, within budget and to the required quality standards. Our project management skills have enabled us to create a proven track record of delivering projects beyond the client’s expectations, regardless of magnitude or complexity.

It is also the intention of the developer to engage the services of a Project Management Consultancy organization to manage the entire development from the conceptual stage to final operational handover. In this regard the Project Management Consultant is expected to thoroughly review of the client’s requirement in order to set the project’s parameters and ensure it will fulfill their business objectives. Then pro-actively manage the project through all stages of, strategy, design, procurement, construction and commissioning, to final handover of the project.

By adopting clear lines of communication and a non-adversarial approach, we have delivered projects to beyond our clients’ expectations of cost, quality and time.

Our experience and our expertise in construction, design, contracts and budgets has geared us to fully understand the complexities of a project enabling us to tailor our services to the client’s needs. Additionally, our contacts of specialist consultants enable us to put together the best team to successfully deliver a project.

In order to manage the events and activities the work is divided to three segments as follows

  • General & Pre-Contract Stage
  • Construction Stage
  • Post construction and defects liability stage

General and Pre-Construction stage

Prepare a project brief in consultation with the Client within limits of agreements already entered into. Then assist the Client to select Specialized Consultants coordinate them in the preparation of the necessary designs, specifications, drawings and bills of quantities while also reviewing the documents to ensure conformity to the Client’s brief, the Architectural integrity and Engineering performance.

Establish a time-line for the works Utilizing the drawings, specifications and other relevant documents already available agree on a total cost plan for the project taking into consideration the Client’s commercial targets. Further a master plan identifying phases if required is prepared including a cash flow statement.

Act as the principal Agent/Representative of the Client in all matters pertaining to the Project and prepare necessary documentation for calling of Tenders. At the end of the tender process, arrange for the review of bids and assist the Client to formalize the award of the works. On award assist in the preparation of formal contract documents and execution of the contracts to ensure the necessary legal formality for the successful implementation of the works.

Once the works are awarded establish reporting and monitoring systems in consultation with the Client including arranging for progress meetings at regular intervals in consultation with the Client. In addition developed and maintain procedures, to identify deviations/ adjustments/ changes in the drawings/ specifications and monitor
their costs, which have an effect on the cost and / or schedules.

Construction Stage

Review and manage the main contractor’s site management structure for the project and ensure that the contractor is provided with the relevant and updated Consultants’ drawings and specifications prior to commencing any activity. Manage Project to ensure the conformity to time, cost and quality requirements. Establish Project Contract Administration systems to ensure that the contractor and/or his sub trades submit shop drawings as relevant, ensure that the main contractor obtains all relevant local authority approvals and
occupational permits including power and water connections as applicable and in time.

Attend / Chair project meetings as required. Monitor the progress and cash flows of project, submit monthly progress reports and advise the Client on corrective actions if required, in order to ensure effective progress, financial and quality control and contract administration of the project and make periodic presentations to the Client on the progress of the works and the related issues.

Ensure that all pre-commissioning checks are carried out, as necessary, for the equipment, buildings and systems Ensure that all necessary operating and maintenance manuals, “as-built” drawings, plans and other relevant information is supplied to the Client at the conclusion of the project and prior to issue of final certificates to the contractor.

Recommend payments to the Contractor based on actual work done and based on agreed stage payments and ensure that all final accounts are dealt with in accordance with the contracts of the Consultants and Contractors.

Defects Liability

Establish systems to manage the defects liability period and ensure that defects observed in the post construction stage are attended to expeditiously efficiently and with minimum disturbance to the operation of the facility.