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LAN Management Development Service (Pvt) Ltd
Pioneer Project Management Consulting Organization in Sri Lanka Established in 1991

94 112 815392
189/1B, Nawala Road, Nugegoda 10250, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94 112 815392 | Mobile: +94778109911 | Fax: 94 112 815390

7 Storeys Office Building for Brandix Apparel Ltd

PROJECT 7 Storeys Office Building for Brandix Apparel Ltd
CLIENT Brandix Apparel (Pvt) Ltd
PROJECT  COST Rs. 450 Million
PROJECT DURATION  Completed in February 2014
MAINCONTRACTOR LAN Management Development Service was entrusted with all Project Management and Site Supervision.

Project Management Consultancy

  • Prepare a project brief for the project
  • Prepare a Master Programme for the project & establish time scale and budgetary limitations
  • Select and recommend appropriate contract types to the Client
  • Assist the Client in appointing the consultant
  • Assist the consultant in preparing the project plan
  • Ensure that preliminary investigations are carried out
  • Prepare a cost plan
  • Review the drawings to ensure that they meet the Client’s Requirements
  • Assist the Client in obtaining approvals from the appropriate authorities
  • Review the Tender Documents
  • Assist the Client to short list the Contractors
  • Assist Client to Tender evaluation and award
  • Develop and establish a Project Monitoring system
  • Prepare and Establish a Cost Control System
  •  Conduct regular progress meetings
  • Co-ordinate and monitor the project activities
  • Certify Contractors’ bills for payment
  • Prepare monthly progress reports
  • Assist in obtaining statutory certificates
  • Monitor the work during the Defects Liability Period