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LAN Management Development Service (Pvt) Ltd
Pioneer Project Management Consulting Organization in Sri Lanka Established in 1991

94 112 815392
189/1B, Nawala Road, Nugegoda 10250, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94 112 815392 | Mobile: +94778109911 | Fax: 94 112 815390

Italian Restaurant, Spa Café and Kitchens at the Colombo Plaza

PROJECT Italian Restaurant, Spa Café and Kitchens at the Colombo Plaza
CLIENT Asian Hotels & Properties Limited (AHPL)
PROJECT STATUS Completed on 29th July 2005
BACK GROUND AHPL decided to obtain Project Management Services from LAN Management Development Service to ensure that all activities of the Italian Restaurant and Spa café work are implemented properly so that the Client’s requirements are fulfilled.
PROJECT STATUS 1.0 Phase 1 – Pre Construction Services

1.1 Prepare Conditions of Contract for design and installation of equipment and associated refurbishment work

1.2 Check the time schedule prepared by the Contractor and advice changes, if any 1.3 Review the schematic designs prepared by Designers in order to ensure that they meet with Clients requirements

1.4 Assist Client/Contractor in preparing the procurement plan and cash flow forecasting statements

1.5 Prepare Contract documentation for the total work

1.6 Assist Client in obtaining Liase with all regulatory bodies and obtain necessary regulatory approvals

1.7 Tender Award

2.0 Phase 2 – Construction

2.1 Complete Project Management

2.2 Report and update Client on the progress of work comprehensively

2.3 Contract administration

2.4 Work/Site Supervision

2.4.1 New Construction & Installation Construction, Installation of new service lines (hot & cold water, electricity, gas, air conditioning), Wall & floor tiling, ceiling, installation of all drainage pipes, gullies and grease tracks, Installation and commissioning of new equipment

2.4.2 Other Ventilation and exhaust system, Fire detection and protection system

2.5 Quality control 2.6 Verification and certification of bills

3.0 Phase 3 – Post Construction

3.1 Management during defects liability period